flame simulator

Reignite the fire

With a gas fireplace you bring warmth, atmosphere and cosiness – with fire on click – into your home. Experience with us a new kind of combustion technology and enjoy comfort, style and innovation.

'Let us convince you.'


Fire relaxes and connects.

'After work I'm happy to come home, see my family and talk about the day. The fire is the hearth of the home; it brings us all closer together.'

With our versatile gas fireplaces you can turn your home into a place with a special atmosphere in no time at all. Enjoy comfort with a gas fireplace: a pleasant warmth by fire on a click. Easy to clean and simple to operate – everyday stress is quickly forgotten.

'Use your time for the beautiful things in life.'


Fire brings back memories.

'Life is changing, the world is changing, but when we sit at the fire together, we stay young. The aesthetic flame appearance and the effect of glowing coals is just like it used to be at a campfire.'

Probably everyone who loves fire has his own memories of these special moments. Stories are exchanged and you enjoy being together. It is the interaction of emotion and mentality that makes our products unique. 

Ceramic logs
An impressive flame pattern, created by the heart of the system: unique ceramic logs. The tungsten filaments incorporated
in the logs light up on contact with the flame, creating a deceptively real glow effect.

'The world is changing but the flame remains.' 


Fire fascinates.

'Fire on click – I was immediately thrilled! Relax and control everything by remote control.

Adjustable functions
The fire is adjustable in eight stages. These eight steps remain constant in their respective flame height and achieve a uniform flame pattern.  

There is also a ninth level – the ECO setting. During this program, the unit varies the previous flame height levels. This results in a moving flame pattern and uses less energy.

Temperature control
By a temperature sensor integrated in the remote control, the room temperature can be automatically controlled according to your wishes by the heat input in the device.

'Innovative technology for young and old.' 

Fire brings comfort.

'I feel comfort through safety, health and warmth. An attitude to life that I would like to share and pass on with my whole family.' 

Safety for all, as well as a high level of awareness for this are not goals for us, but a matter of course. This matter of course applies to our products, our service and to every single employee at Camina & Schmid.

Flame monitoring
Our products give you safety and a good feeling, because the flame is continuously monitored electronically.

Securing the control system
In addition, the remote control and the gas control are in constant contact. If the connection to the remote control is interrupted (e.g. by flat batteries or the remote control is out of range), the control is secured.

'Security, who dear to our hearts.'

Flexibly combinable.

Our wide range of products as well as the combination with our Camina-Systems allows installation in almost every conceivable environment.

Classically straightforward

Just around the corner

Always in view

Interior lining

The rear and side walls of the combustion chamber can be lined (depending on the model) with sheet steel in anthracite (matt) or black glass ceramic (shiny). The inner lining of glass ceramic reflects the flames and gives the combustion chamber more depth. 

LED ambient lighting

The additional LED ambient lighting simulates a bed of glowing coals. The imitated bed of glowing coals can be used as a source of light when the appliance is switched off, as well as when the appliance is in use, to give the flame image even more dimension.

Remote control

The remote control of our gas fireplace inserts not only enables operation from the sofa, it also functions as a safety element.

Temperature control
There are additional sensors in the remote control, in the control unit and on the electronics of the device. These permanently monitor the ambient temperature – in case of temperature differences, the device shuts down safely.

Influence of external conditions
In the event of a power failure, two springs in the valve ensure that the gas supply is shut off immediately. The gas control valve also ensures that the gas supply is completely stopped and no gas can continue to flow in. 

Technical data*

  Lina G 67Lina G 73Lina G 100Ekko G L/R 45Ekko G L/R 67Ekko G L/R 100Ekko G U 45Ekko G U 45(90)Ekko G U 67Ekko G U 100
Nominal heat loadkW10,89,510,4910,810,4910,810,810,4
Operating rangekW3,4 – 9,12,8 - 7,83,5 – 8,82,0 – 7,53,4 – 9,13,5 – 8,82,0 – 7,51,8 – 9,33,4 – 9,13,5 – 8,8
Energy efficiency class
according to (EU)2015/2016
Window width (a)mm587730100543362010474444546521089
Window hight (b)mm475592475510510510510510510510
Window depth (c)mm319424309319899424309

*Values based on natural gas I2H