Water-bearing fireplaces - the interplay of fire and water

With the appropriate equipment, your fireplace can also supply warm water for the central heating circuit in addition to cozy radiant heat. The so-called water-bearing fireplaces bring an energetic added value for you as a home owner.

In addition, the main heating can even be switched off completely in spring and autumn - because warm water is still available! If desired, the entire heat requirement can also be covered by the fireplace, for example if the central heating fails.

Even when using water technology, your fireplace should be adapted to the heat requirements of the installation room. You can also choose how much heat is used for the room and how much is used for water heating.

Advantages of water technology:

  • efficient solution for water heating
  • a few burns per day are sufficient
  • Fireplace covers heat needs in times of need
  • adapted to heat requirements
  • Variations in the distribution of water and heat