Our airpop / EPS packaging is HBCD-free

Recycling and recovery possible without any problems

In order to prevent misunderstandings and uncertainties about recycling, we would like to point out that our packaging made of EPS / Styrofoam / airpop is free of HBCD, 100% food-safe and therefore completely harmless for you as an end user. This means that airpop / EPS packaging can still be easily recycled or thermally recycled to generate energy.

Hexabromocyclododecane, HBCD for short, is a flame retardant and was used, among other things, in insulating materials made of polystyrene for buildings.

The classification of HBCD-containing EPS insulation material, which comes from demolition and dismantling measures, as hazardous waste, which has been in force since October 1, 2016, is irrelevant for airpop / EPS packaging from Germany.

A distinction between HBCD-containing insulation materials - usually in the form of dirty building boards - and HBCD-free airpop / EPS packaging is easy for end users and disposal companies: airpop / EPS packaging is primarily a clean molded part or strip, which are clearly recognizable due to their packaging form.