Warm air system

The heat generated in the combustion chamber is released directly into the heating chamber. This heats the air in the heating chamber and flows into the installation room through openings in the upper area. Cold air flows in in the lower area for further heating. This creates a warm air cycle. The rapid warmth means that nothing stands in the way of spontaneous fire enjoyment.

Heat storage system

As soon as the wood is ignited in the firebox, the hot flue gases are directed through the ceramic trains. These, the firebox lining and the furnace lining, are made of heat-storing material. The heat is absorbed and radiated evenly into the room. A heat storage system is only fired once or twice a day and provides cozy warmth for hours.

Warm air & heat storage (combi)

With this system, the heat generated in the combustion chamber is divided. Part of the heat is quickly released to the installation room as warm air via the heating chamber. The warm air can be channeled to other rooms. The other part of the heat is stored in the additional button and slowly released into the room over hours. The combination of a warm air fireplace and a storage button allows flexible heat design as required and desired.

Water Technology System

In the case of a water-bearing boiler device, only a part of the heat generated in the combustion chamber is given off directly as warm air. The mostly larger proportion of heat is conducted to the buffer storage via the heat exchanger in pipes. This enables decentralized heat distribution throughout the house via radiators or underfloor heating. The heat in the buffer storage can also be called up at a later time. For example, warm water for showering can also be realized.

Thermal gas system

The fuel gas is fed into the burner and ignited. The special shape of the burners creates the illusion of a wood fire. The heat generated is fed to the installation room as warm air and radiant heat and can optionally be distributed to adjacent rooms. The integrated control offers the possibility of setting the heat emission, room temperature and timer function. Everything is controlled via the remote control at the push of a button.