"The world is changing, but the fire remains-test."

In a cultivated form, fire has always been the epitome of rest and relaxation. It not only embodies naturalness and primal strength, it also gives warmth and security. Fire is pure fascination.

This fascination is what drives us! It inspires and motivates us to always present you with a current variety of timeless and high quality fireplace systems. So bring a piece of elegance and quality of life into your home with a system fireplace or an individual fireplace / tiled stove from Camina & Schmid.

Our fireplace systems and inserts offer the latest technology. As an option, you can also get numerous comfort features that can support you in daily use. Our high quality standards in technology, design and manufacture ensure sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Since January 01, 2018, our two companies have been saying that what belongs together is growing together. In order to further improve performance and service quality through a leaner organizational structure, the two brands were brought together under one roof.

Camina & Schmid Feuerdesign und Technik GmbH & Co. KG, as a family company in Bissendorf near Osnabrück and Rathenow, produces system fireplaces as well as heating and fireplace inserts for tiled stoves and fireplaces in sophisticated quality - and all "Made" under the motto "We really make fire" in Germany ”. A total of around 170 employees work in the company and ensure the right operating temperatures, also for your home!

Our employees have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of combustion plants. We are proud to stand out from the competition here! No matter which of our products you choose: It is an investment that is worth it!

We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and choosing your fireplace system or use.