Individually or in combination - the perfect solution for your home.

We would like to make our contribution to making living space more energy-efficient and therefore offer innovative solutions in the areas of the environment, security and energy. We have developed a concept that can be tailored to your needs - individually or in combination - with each module.

The efficient plus for your:

  • heater
    Both heating inserts in connection with ceramic trains as well as water-bearing heating inserts.
  • fireplace insert
    Both fireplace inserts in connection with ceramic trains as well as water-bearing fireplace inserts.
  • Basic and storage furnace
    in connection with ceramic trains.


Wood is a source of energy that grows continuously and can be used in the cycle of nature without any disadvantages for the environment. In contrast to fossil fuels, wood can be described as CO2 neutral. This means that burning wood releases exactly the same amount of CO2 as the tree previously absorbed when growing. With the SMR burn-up control, an ideal burn-off takes place through a suitable air supply, which can ensure low-pollution combustion with low fuel consumption.

The SMR safety controller serves as a safety device for the vacuum-dependent control of joint operation of ventilation systems and indoor air-dependent fireplaces. The SMR safety controller measures the room pressure and the prevailing pressure in the chimney of the corresponding fireplace.

The SMR compact station combines a pump group, a return flow increase and intelligent control. It thus creates a connection between the water-bearing chimney and the buffer storage, thus including the complete heating system and thereby effectively supporting the system in its operation.