Tunnel chimneys - perspective for your dream chimney

You get a very good view of the fireplace with the TV chimneys: The Lina devices are available as a tunnel version as standard. The back is always fixed, but can be swiveled open for cleaning. On the front, you can orientate yourself on the "normal" fireplace insert front and choose between swiveling and sliding up. Custom-made products (e.g. a front with a straight front and the back with a round front) are available on request!

With a modern tunnel fireplace from the Schmid brand, you can heat comfortably and inexpensively. With well-prepared wood from your region, a modern fireplace and professional handling, you can help ensure that your fireplace provides cozy and cozy warmth and at the same time protects the environment. Looking into the open fire is calm. Listening to its crackling and crackling is pure relaxation. Enjoy this feeling with the Schmid tunnel fireplaces not only from one place and use your fireplace as a room divider, for example.

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