Natural stone plant N1

Simple and elegant.
Do you come home in winter after a long day at work and want to relax in the warmth of the fire? Do you just want to cuddle up in your blanket and let the dance of the flames work on you? The natural stone fireplace system N1 stands above all for a simple and elegant fireplace design and packs this ambience in a particularly stylish way. Visually, the fireplace is reminiscent of the gate of an ancient temple, which carries the fire in its center and presents it accordingly. Thanks to the large viewing glass and the integrated window flushing, you have a largely unobstructed view of the play of the flames with the natural stone fireplace N1.

A real temple is of course made of natural stones. The same applies to a certain extent to the N1. The facade is made of natural stone, and you can choose between different types. These differ in color and grain. No matter which variant you choose - the facade looks very pleasant and elegant. 

Size: W 1.600 x H 1.290 x D 300 mm
Execution: crystal
Type: pushed up
Weight: approx. 470 kg
Fireplace insert: Lina 7363 h
Power: 9 kW


Door up

Front crystal

1. BImSchV
Level 2

to (EU)

Individual front design

Front crystal +
(except Lina W)



Heating water add-on register R

boiler unit
Lina W.

essay memory

Warm air attachment tab

door drive


tunnel version

Serving plate


Natural stone variants

The fireplace system can be selected individually in the natural stone types shown below.

Carrara White

Blanco Macael

Pearly White

Caliza Moka

Ivory Cream



Negro Abanilla

Rojo Alicante

Light Pink

Pink crema

Natural Stone

As the name suggests, natural stone is a product that has grown over millions of years in the great outdoors, to which we can “only” give shape and the finishing touch. Deviations in color, structure and veining are therefore quite natural. This means that each system made from it is unique, which further underlines the high value of this product. Deviations from samples or exhibits in exhibitions are possible and normal.

You can find more information about natural stone under the following link:

What is natural stone?

Lina 7363 h

  • NW power: 9 kW
  • Standard inner lining: smooth chamotte "premium white"
  • Front version: crystal
  • Front width: 730 mm
  • Front height: 630 mm
  • The door can be pushed up