Natural stone style fireplaces from Camina - classically beautiful

What do you think of when you imagine a cozy log fire? Rustic flair, pleasant warmth and switching off from everyday life could be the first associations. Our style fireplaces promise even more: the noble fireplace facade made of natural stone is unique and of timeless beauty.

Not only in old castles and mansions did the antique and classic style fireplaces enchant with their elegance, they still do. Even in a modern, simple context, a natural stone facade sets a stylish accent, paired with an efficient burning of modern fireplace inserts.

The natural stone facades are mainly made by hand. This handicraft is only mastered by a few. Depending on the material, workmanship and type of natural stone, individual pieces are created that, through their design, become the focus of every room. The combination of different natural stones as well as special sizes or special shapes such as corner variants are possible on request.

Advantages of a style fireplace:

  • individual pieces
  • stable and durable
  • free choice of natural stone types
  • Custom orders possible
  • High quality Schmid fireplace inserts - Made in Germany

Download: Brochure Camina