Standard & fireplace cassettes for retrofitting or installation in open fireplaces

Our NEO-Line standard cassette inserts easily fit into the modern look of the range of fireplace inserts. It offers maximum heating comfort for existing, open fireplaces as well as for new systems. For the NEO-Line models 5554, 6554 and 8563 we have developed a cover plate made of steel. So these models are after EN 13240 tested and can be used as a free-standing variant. The matching platforms are available as accessories.

Do you want more individuality? Then the made-to-measure fireplace cassettes are just right for you! Individually manufactured, the Schmid made-to-measure fireplace cassettes fit into every open fireplace. You can choose from a variety of cassette shapes.

Advantages of the standard & fireplace cassettes:

  • for retrofitting or installation in existing open chimneys
  • in many formats, e.g. B. different widths, two or three sides
  • swiveling door
  • numerous accessories such as fans, platforms or panels
  • environmentally friendly incineration
  • durable and functional

The NEO-Line standard cassettes

Maximum heating comfort

A sophisticated combustion technology ensures high efficiency, environmentally friendly combustion with low wood consumption and clean glass ceramics. The adjustable feet and the flue pipe to be fastened from the inside support a time-saving and simple installation.

The outer shell (convection jacket) is made of painted, robust steel sheet. Various frames are available to connect to the front wall. The inner lining made of Caloceram® and the baffle plate made of steel are durable and easy to maintain. The latter also acts as a preheat for combustion air, which also improves combustion.

At the convection openings, the optional connecting pieces can be used to connect lines that provide other rooms with cozy warmth (exception: NEO-Line 4049). Last but not least, the simple handling of the central slide for air adjustment and the self-locking door lock ensure high user friendliness and customer satisfaction.

Four models are available in widths of 400 mm, 550 mm, 650 mm and 850 mm.

Technology in detail

The NEO-Line standard cassette was developed under the factors of high convective performance. The body shape and the arrangement of the fin heat exchangers are aerodynamically arranged taking into account low air resistance. This increases the natural buoyancy of the NEO-Line and increases the heat emission through the upper air outlet.

The combustion air is flowed into the combustion chamber with an innovative and environmentally friendly concept, while the baffle plate in the upper part of the combustion chamber also serves to improve the window purging. The secondary air is heated much more and, in addition to efficient and environmentally friendly combustion, also promotes disc cleanliness.

  NEO Line 4049 NEO Line 5554 NEO Line 6554 (DE) NEO Line 6554 (EXPORT) NEO Line 8563 (DE) NEO Line 8563 (EXPORT)
Nominal heat output 4,6 kW 4,9 kW 5,9 kW 6,9 kW 10,5 kW 14,0 kW
Output range * 4,0-6,0 kW 4,5-6,4 kW 5,0-8,3 kW 5,0-8,3 kW 9,8-16,5 kW 9,8-16,5 kW
Efficiency > 80% > 80% > 80% > 80% > 78% > 78%
Insulation thickness (if the wall is not to be protected) (based on SILCA® 250KM) 60 mm 60 mm 60 mm 60 mm 60 mm 60 mm
flue outlet Ø 150 mm (DE), Ø 153 mm (EXPORT) *** Ø 150 mm (DE), Ø 153 mm (EXPORT) *** Ø 150 mm *** Ø 153 mm *** Ø 180 mm *** Ø 183 mm ***
Combustion air inlet Ø 100 etc. Ø 100 etc. Ø 100 etc. Ø 100 etc. Ø 100 etc. Ø 100 etc.
Combustion air requirement 16,3 (m³ / h) 17,5 (m³ / h) 21 (m³ / h) 24,5 (m³ / h) 37,3 (m³ / h) 49,7 (m³ / h)
Rec. Amount of wooden support, approx. 1,3 kg 1,4 kg 1,7 kg 2,0 kg 3,0 kg 4,0 kg
Rec. firewood length 22 cm 33 cm 33 cm 33 cm 33 cm 33 cm
Weight 66 kg 77 kg 95 kg 95 kg 135 kg 135 kg
Width 400 mm 550 mm 650 mm 650 mm 850 mm 850 mm
Height 490 mm 540 mm 540 mm 540 mm 630 mm 630 mm
depth 350 mm ** 350 mm ** 395 mm ** 395 mm ** 395 mm ** 395 mm **
wheel width 338 mm 488 mm 588 mm 588 mm 788 mm 788 mm
pane height 370 mm 420 mm 420 mm 420 mm 510 mm 510 mm
* The heat output range depends on the amount of wood loaded and quality. For the chimney calculation only the triples of the nominal heat output are to be used.            
** ext. Air connection + 15 mm (rear)            
*** DE: plugged on outside (standard), EXPORT: plugged in inside (partly export)            


Product update: fireplace cassettes

Diverse range
The fireplace cassettes are made to measure and can be adapted to any open fireplace. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. As exchange models, they are also suitable for over 100 different models from well-known manufacturers. This makes it easier to replace the devices and saves additional effort and costs.

Environmentally friendly incineration
Technically at the highest level, the new devices impress with their efficient flue gas routing, which significantly reduces the flue gas temperatures and the associated heat loss, as well as an optimized flue gas routing, due to which far more pollutants are burned than with open chimneys.

Automatic control for optimal combustion air
The user-friendly combustion technology with a currentless automatic control in our fireplace cassettes ensures a high degree of efficiency, environmentally friendly combustion with low wood consumption and glass ceramic that stays clean. Thanks to the height-adjustable feet, the fireplace cassettes can be adjusted to the perfect height during installation.

vertical slats

Transverse lamellas

Available in anthracite, brass or stainless steel.

Triples of values

For the calculation of the chimney according to DIN EN 13384-1 or DIN EN 13384-2 with the following set of values:

  HK 65HK 80HK 100HK 125HK 150
Nominal heat outputkW6,581012,515
Max. Capacitykg1,51,82,22,83,3
Exhaust gas mass flowg / s6,88,610,413,216,0
exhaust gas temperature° C282269256271286
Minimum delivery pressurePa1212121212
Energy efficiency class according to (EU) 2015/1186 
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