S7 TV High Powerbloc

The Camina S7 storage stone system, known for its large variety of models, is supplemented by the S7 TV High Powerbloc as a heat storage system. It offers uniformly long-lasting, pleasant radiant heat for more than 12 hours. More precisely defined, the total thermal output of the system to the installation room is 12 kW on average over 0,94 hours, of which 0,32 kW (34%) is emitted via the window and 0,62 kW (66%) via the surface of the system ,

A big advantage is that only a small amount of wood support of 2 x 4,2 kg of wood per day is required, which protects the environment and reduces costs.

Size: W 1070 x H 1826 x D 650 mm
Execution: crystal
Type: swiveling
Weight: approx. 1140 kg
Fireplace insert: Lina TV 4551 s / s
Power: 7 kW




Front crystal

tunnel version

1. BImSchV
Level 2

to (EU)


Serving plate

concrete variants

memory concrete

memory concrete

Please note that the storage stone systems are a raw, puristic surface made of storage concrete, which is a unique item due to its unique surface quality. Irregularities or color differences in the material cannot be avoided due to production. Therefore, surface finishing is planned for these systems. So if you want a uniform, even surface, we offer you three different finishing techniques in cooperation with Brillux.

You can find more information on the various techniques and other finishing options under the following link.

To the design variants

Lina TV 4551 s / s

  • NW power: 7 kW
  • Front version: crystal
  • Tunnel version with double-sided fire view
  • Standard inner lining: smooth chamotte "premium white"
  • Front width: 450 mm
  • Front height: 510 mm
  • Front: hinged door, rear: hinged door, self-closing