Storage stone system S5 corner

This system is available as a front or corner version. In addition, the front can be individually designed with a wide variety of materials and colors. This is how you get your dream fireplace that is always tailored to your needs. The large viewing window of the S5 always offers you a nice view of the fire and, with the integrated window flushing, largely prevents the build-up of soot. With a nominal heat output of 7 kW and an efficient efficiency of over 78%, this system fireplace not only heats medium-sized to large living spaces without any problems, but is also easy on the wallet due to the low fuel consumption. The heat is stored for a long time by the storage mass and then slowly released into the room via the surface.

Size: W 950 x H 1933 x D 901 mm
Execution: anthracite
Type: can be swiveled, optionally pushed up
Weight: approx. 405 kg
Fireplace insert: Ronda 5557 p
Power: 7 kW





1. BImSchV
Level 2

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Fireplace insert options

Door up



Heating water add-on register R

essay memory


Serving plate

concrete variants

memory concrete

Natural stone variants

The natural stone bench of the storage facility can be selected individually in the natural stone types shown below. Attention: Deviations in color, structure and veining from the sample are completely natural!

Carrara White


Mocca cream


Nero matte

memory concrete

Please note that the storage stone systems are a raw, puristic surface made of storage concrete, which is a unique item due to its unique surface quality. Irregularities or color differences in the material cannot be avoided due to production. Therefore, surface finishing is planned for these systems. So if you want a uniform, even surface, we offer you three different finishing techniques in cooperation with Brillux.

You can find more information on the various techniques and other finishing options under the following link.

To the design variants

Natural Stone

As the name suggests, natural stone is a product that has grown over millions of years in the great outdoors, to which we can “only” give shape and the finishing touch. Deviations in color, structure and veining are therefore quite natural. This means that each system made from it is unique, which further underlines the high value of this product. Deviations from samples or exhibits in exhibitions are possible and normal.

You can find more information about natural stone under the following link:

What is natural stone?

Ronda 5557 p

  • NW power: 7 kW
  • Front design: anthracite
  • Standard inner lining: chamotte smooth beige,
    optional: anthracite
  • Front width: 550 mm
  • Front height: 570 mm
  • Door can be swiveled, optionally pushed up
  • Self-closing door