Heat storage system S21 GO-Line

Home is the extension of personality! The system should not only meet the optical requirements, but also the convenient functionality and the optimal heat requirement. Nowadays, new buildings are fully insulated so that they have ever lower heat requirements. To protect your living space from overheating, a storage chimney, a water-guided chimney in combination with a buffer storage or a basic stove can be used. This combination of storage system and basic furnace is particularly suitable for low-energy and KFW energy-efficient houses.

The heart of the S21 GO-Line is the Ronda GO 4557 Kristall basic oven. Firing with just 1 x 7,5 kg of wood is sufficient to achieve a pleasant and healthy heat emission for at least 12 hours via the stove shell. Schmid basic ovens are particularly characterized by long heat storage and healthy heat radiation, comparable to solar radiation. The choice between wall or ceiling connection and the small footprint increase the installation options of the system many times over. The elegant design integrates perfectly into your living space and looks very pleasant due to the proportions. Refinements such as the Camina surface designs make the system unique.

Size: Ø 615 mm x 1992 H
Weight:approx. 680 kg
Basic furnace:Ronda GO 4557
NW-power:2,2 kW
Energy efficiency class
according to (EU) 2015/1186:




Front crystal



Serving plate

concrete variants

memory concrete

memory concrete

Please note that the storage stone systems are a raw, puristic surface made of storage concrete, which is a unique item due to its unique surface quality. Irregularities or color differences in the material cannot be avoided due to production. Therefore, surface finishing is planned for these systems. So if you want a uniform, even surface, we offer you three different finishing techniques in cooperation with Brillux.

You can find more information on the various techniques and other finishing options under the following link.

To the design variants

Ronda GO 4557

  • Fuel quantity: 3 - 7,5 kg
  • Front version: crystal
  • round front
  • Front radius: 300 mm
  • Front width: 450 mm
  • Body depth: 551 mm
  • Door swiveling, with SLS locking