Storage stone system S18 - retro

Absolutely vintage - the S18 - retro! 

The flat chimney system is pure storage mass and this ensures constant heat distribution and gives off heat even when the fire has already gone out. The integrated Schmid fireplace insert Lina 6757 with pivoting door achieves an output of 9 kW. Thanks to integrated ventilation, this system can be installed directly on the installation wall without additional insulation or brickwork. The prerequisite for this are of course "components that are not to be protected".

Exciting components made of design concrete make different designs of the system possible. Here are side parts, a bench element with or without wooden storage compartment in both left and right versions to choose from. Additional accents can be set on the storage concrete with applications in rust optics and surface finishing.
For individual solutions of different room ideas.

Size: W 998 x H 1550 x D 629 mm
Execution: crystal
Type: can be swiveled, optionally pushed up
Weight: approx. 445 kg
Fireplace insert: Lina 6757 p
Power: 9 kW




Front crystal

Ventilated rear wall

1. BImSchV
Level 2

to (EU)

Fireplace insert options

Door up




Electronic door operator
(only "h")

Serving plate

Design concrete
Bench left or

concrete variants

memory concrete

design concrete

memory concrete

Please note that the storage stone systems are a raw, puristic surface made of storage concrete, which is a unique item due to its unique surface quality. Irregularities or color differences in the material cannot be avoided due to production. Therefore, surface finishing is planned for these systems. So if you want a uniform, even surface, we offer you three different finishing techniques in cooperation with Brillux.

You can find more information on the various techniques and other finishing options under the following link.

To the design variants

design concrete

Our design concrete is a storage concrete colored through in anthracite, the surface of which is finished, that is, waxed, polished and sealed with it.

Water stains and traces of use of any kind are almost completely rejected. The surface is therefore easy to maintain.

A specific property of this material is that it forms holes of different sizes in the surface. This is a special expression of design concrete and contributes to its uniqueness in execution.

Lina 6757 p

  • NW power: 9 kW
  • Front version: crystal
  • Standard inner lining: smooth chamotte "premium white"
  • Front width: 670 mm
  • Front height: 570 mm
  • Swiveling door