fireplace inserts

A fireplace cassette closes your open fireplace.

In operation, a chimney cassette achieves considerably more performance, since the warm room air no longer escapes uncontrollably through the chimney. With a fireplace cassette from Camina & Schmid you increase the efficiency of the fireplace many times over and thus achieve a significantly higher heat utilization. Individually manufactured, the cassettes fit into any open fireplace. Depending on the design, the room heating capacity is therefore significantly more pronounced and provides cozy warmth. The fireplace cassettes provide radiant and convection heat through the latest combustion technology.

Overview of details

Clean thing

Clean ash removal and combustion air are supplied via the ash drawer.

More warmth

Warm air acceleration through optional built-in, continuously adjustable fans. Optionally available from front width 600 mm.

of attitude

Adjusting screws for height adjustment from the interior to the fireplace floor.

Of course checked

The fireplace cassettes were tested in three sizes and also certified.

Principle of operation of the fireplace cassette

1st fall
2. Cast back and side walls
3. Firebox floor, chamotte
4. Ash grates
5. Ash drawer
6. Primary air regulator, integrated
7. Standing grate (adjustable feet)
8.Adjustable feet (4 pieces)

A. Cold air entry
B. Air duct
C. Heat Exchanger Tubes
D. baffle plate (optional)
E. Air baffle
F. Hot air outlet
G. Secondary air for window washing

vertical slats

Cross slats (optional)

grip variations

  • HKF 50/60Product data sheet and label according to (EU) 2015/1186pdf 82 KB
  • HKF 70Product data sheet and label according to (EU) 2015/1186pdf 82 KB
  • HKF 100Product data sheet and label according to (EU) 2015/1186pdf 82 KB