fireplace Accessories

cupboard shelves

Shelf made of storage concrete (right or left side).
Up to 5 U elements, material thickness: 40 mm

Dimensions per element:
W 460 x H 400 x D 460 mm

Weight: 35 kg / element

serving plates

A so-called cover plate is available for many fireplace systems. This serves as spark protection for the floor and consists of either natural stone or glass. Ask your specialist dealer for more information.

Natural stone and granite cuts

On request, we also manufacture individual natural stone and granite stone cuts for you. The plates have a material thickness of 30 mm.

cleaning paste

The cleaning paste is ideal for all Schmid product surfaces. A can contains 150 g paste and is supplied with a special sponge. You can use it to clean, polish and preserve in one step.

Glass cleaner

This glass cleaner removes stubborn deposits from the fireplace glass, works without stains, shows no signs of corrosion, protects glass and ceramics, bricks and plastics. We offer the cleaner as a gel in a 200 ml bottle.

Natural stone and soapstone cleaner

This cleaner is a two-component cleaner that can be used to remove soot, ash, grease or candle wax. One bottle contains 250 ml. An application plan is included.

Natural stone adhesive

Acid-free, elastic adhesive based on silicone - for bonding natural stone types. There is 310 ml of adhesive in a bottle.


Reparit is a ready-to-use, elastoplastic filler for sealing masonry and plaster cracks as well as for filling unevenness - suitable for surface cosmetics and temperature resistant up to 1150 °.

acrylic adhesive

Swelling acrylic adhesive, water-based and paintable.

Accessories for fireplace inserts

The burn-up regulation

The Schmid Multi Control, or SMR for short, is the clever solution for everyone who wants maximum comfort and economy. Put on the fuel, light it and close the door - the SMR will do the rest for you.

You can find more information about the Schmid Multi control here .

Hot heads

With the fireplaces from Schmid Feuerungstechnik you can even add one more. You are offered a variety of options:

Modular, innovative, flexible and with a system for more power and heat storage for hours. Whether with a top store (see fig.) Or the hot air top register. Our add-on registers always offer the logical and sensible additional benefit.

With the heating water add-on register, the warmed-up water is even fed into your heating circuit. They find out here more about the advantages of Schmid water technology.

Post-heating boxes

The effectiveness of a fireplace system depends heavily on the overall construction. A post-heating box promotes effectiveness and ensures a pleasant climate, even with a decaying flame.

Warm air jacket

Would you like to heat several rooms as evenly as possible with your fireplace? This is possible with a warm air jacket - this sheet metal jacket is simply stuck behind the fireplace. You can use it to distribute the warm air in a targeted manner - also to other floors.

Always one step ahead

A bad chimney draft can cause soiled panes of even the best firing technology. A chimney draft that is too strong also has a similar effect. In addition, it often burns too quickly and incomplete combustion of the fired material. The Schmid secondary air device, or SNV for short, as a closed system for every fireplace with a separate combustion air connection is the solution that compensates for excessive chimney draft. A draft limiter is used in the connection piece to the chimney, which is adjusted to the desired vacuum.


With the sophisticated Schmid hypocauste system, hypocauste systems can be implemented quickly and perfectly. It is therefore possible to simply heat bench seats or attachments that are far away using the fireplace.
It's easy - because the warm air jacket of this hypocausal system is open at the top. This is how the warm air gets into the apron, which is made of storage stones, and heats it up.

Alternatively, the air enters the room via warm air grilles. If both are “charged” enough, you close the grille and switch on the suction fan. This directs the heated air to distant components, which can also heat up quickly. The Schmid hypocaust system stands for two heating options:

  • Warm air for the room and storage heat for the apron
  • Heating of distant components of a hypocaust system thanks to a fan

Electronic door operator - ET

The electronic door operator offers great convenience. All retractable fireplace inserts from a front width of 67 cm can be opened and closed by remote control.

Floating fire

With the special support frame system from Schmid Feuerungstechnik, "floating" fireplaces are no problem. The entire construction, which is adapted to the device, is based on a static calculation - this creates stability and security. Impressive, "free-floating" chimney systems are so easy to implement - for example with the Ronda 6057 h from Schmid.