Variety and design for your living room

With us, a fireplace is not just a heat generator! We set other standards: At Camina you put together your model according to your wishes - then you can look forward to your own unique piece every day.
In this context, diversity does not only have to do with design and appearance, but also with the effect on the overall appearance of the room. Our surface finishing in particular sets trends and offers you a wide range of options. We work with a unique technique that brings out the puristic surfaces made of storage stone in an optimal way. This diversity is complemented by the different variants of the fireplace inserts. You choose and we will design your high-quality individual piece down to the last detail.

Advantages of the design variants:

  • Natural stone or storage stone can be selected
  • Color and marbling are variable
  • Trendy raw steel applications as a possible option
  • Design in many shapes and colors
  • Every fireplace is unique

Surface finishing

The puristic surface made of storage concrete makes up the captivating look of the Camina storage stone systems. Since this look is created during production, each system is unique due to its unique surface quality.
Irregularities in the material are production-related properties. Often, however, a uniform, even surface is desired. Camina offers you three finishing techniques as a solution in close cooperation with Brillux. All surface finishes are also available in other color variations.

Camina exposed concrete look

The Camina fair-faced concrete look is best suited for anyone who prefers the puristic design of the systems, which is created by manufacturing the individual parts. This makes it possible to produce an even surface with a concrete look, which covers any unevenness in the material due to the manufacturing process.

Camina metal effect technology

This color only looks like an ordinary coat of paint at first glance. Because when light falls, the special feature comes to the fore: a subtle metallic sheen. Your fireplace is always a real eye-catcher! This effect is created by the technique of a metallic filler and achieves a high-quality look. The color selection can be made according to the color fan.

Camina silicate paint

With specially coordinated, high-quality and solvent-free interior silicate paints, each storage stone system can be designed individually.
In order to give your system a fashionable splash of color, we recommend the Camina silicate paint. Depending on your taste and living situation, you can choose almost any color with this option.