Exclusive line system E30 G

With our Exclusive Line systems, we want to offer high-quality products in a modern system design. Proven materials such as Steel, concrete, natural stone and ceramics, are formed here into an exclusive system design. They convince not only with an intelligent choice of materials and finished surfaces, but also with a quick and easy assembly. In addition to the gas fireplace insert with wall bracket, we offer a second component Steel cladding of the wall bracket in signal black with associated Hood in traffic white or a Hood in various ceramic finishes.

As a third component, the fire table can be selected from the materials steel, concrete, ceramics or natural stone, each in different versions. We also offer LED ambient lighting including interior lighting as the fourth component. The systems are connected directly to the chimney with a 45° bend.

Dimensions (with steel cladding and fire table):W 614/694 x H 1311 x D 1036/1076 mm
Execution:Sheet steel anthracite (matt)
Total weight:approx. 300 kg
Gas fireplace insert:Ekko GU 45 (67) including wall bracket
Power range:I2E /I2H (Natural gas H, G20): 1,9 - 7,0 kW
I2ELL (Natural gas L, G25): 1,6 - 7,0 kW
I3B / P 50 (Liquid gas 50 mBar, G 30/31): 1,6 - 7,0 kW
Energy efficiency class according to (EU) 2015/1186
for gas fireplace insert:


sheet steel

Gas fireplace insert options



LED ambient

Inner space-

Fire table

Fire table

Fire table

Fire table
Natural Stone

Steel cladding upper part

traffic white

Steel cladding wall connection

Signal black

ceramic variants

The fire table can be individually selected from the types of ceramic shown below.

River white

Stone gray

steel grey




Ekko GU 45 (67)

  • Power range:
    I2E/I2H (Natural gas H, G20): 1,9 - 7,0 kW
    I2ELL (Natural gas L, G 25): 1,6 - 7,0 kW
    I3B / P 50 (Liquid gas 50 mBar, G 30/31): 1,6 - 7,0 kW
  • Inner lining: sheet steel anthracite (matt)
  • Front width: 515 mm
  • Front height: 995 mm
  • Side part depth (plus frame): 986 mm