Our system chimneys / storage stone systems - cozy fire and pleasant warmth for hours

Would you like to enjoy a particularly long-lasting fire experience? Then a Camina system fireplace is just the thing for you. The built-in storage stones made of reinforced cast iron give off the radiant heat gently to the room over several hours.

Our storage stone systems consist of dimensionally accurate, prefabricated storage concrete modules for easy installation, which nevertheless allow the fireplace system to be designed individually. All Camina system fireplaces contain original Schmid fireplace inserts - Made in Germany - which have already been established in manual stove construction.

This is how design and function come together. The over 30 different models really offer the right system fireplace for every fire lover. And even those who want to make a change after a few years will get their money's worth - the Camina storage stone systems can also be changed optically without any problems. So your fireplace always adapts to your current living environment!

Advantages of a system fireplace:

  • cozy radiant heat
  • long-lasting heat storage
  • uniform heat emission over hours
  • easy construction
  • different heating outputs