fireplace accessories

The burn-up regulation

The Schmid Multi Control, or SMR for short, is the clever solution for everyone who wants maximum comfort and economy. Put on the fuel, light it and close the door - the SMR will do the rest for you.

You can find more information about the Schmid Multi control here .

Built-in frames

Built-in frames or optional panels offer an elegant connection from the cladding to the heating insert - available in different versions.

This will give you an upgrade to the furnace front.

Delightful! The BackBoy

For a long time, the stove was the center of the house. This is where the family met, where people cooked and ate together. The cozy atmosphere near the fire was the starting point for many good discussions.

For families who want to transfer this attitude towards life to the present day, with the Schmid BackBoy we offer a baking insert for the tiled stove.

Like all other top-mounted devices from Schmid, the BackBoy also impresses with its modular design and high functionality. It is available for all 12 kW heating inserts of the professional series and is mounted directly on the heating insert.

Gourmets can also complement their tiled stove with the Schmid hotplate, which is connected to the heating insert with a side connection. The component with six removable rings allows cooking as in grandmother's times and with its stainless steel railing is an eye-catcher in every kitchen.


With the sophisticated Schmid hypocauste system, hypocauste systems can be implemented quickly and perfectly. It is therefore possible to simply heat bench seats or attachments that are far away using the fireplace or tiled stove.

It's easy - because the warm air jacket of this hypocausal system is open at the top. This is how the warm air gets into the apron, which is made of storage stones, and heats it up. Alternatively, the air enters the room via warm air grilles. If both are “charged” enough, you close the grille and switch on the suction fan. This directs the heated air to distant components, which can also heat up quickly.

The Schmid hypocaust system stands for two heating options:

  • Warm air for the room and storage heat for the apron
  • Heating adjacent benches, backrests or even adjoining rooms

Advantages of a hypocaust system:

  • closed warm air system
  • high proportion of radiation, gentle warmth
  • very large areas can be heated, even over several floors
  • healthy radiant heat
  • slow heat emission
  • suitable as one-room heating

Hot gas flues (HGZ) and afterheating boxes

A supplementary circuit must always be connected to each heating insert. For Schmid and Olsberg heating inserts, either brick, ceramic cables or cast iron hot gas cables (F1, F2 and S1), which are characterized by high stability and reliability, or post-heating boxes made of cast iron and sheet steel (height 500 mm and 730 mm) are suitable. In this way, you can optimally exploit the heat potential of your tiled stove. Technically mature, the heating gas flues and post-heating boxes can be easily installed and optionally lined with firebricks (HGZ F1, F2 and NHK G), which offer additional heat storage capacity.

The new heating box

The new Schmid heating box is a robust construction made of 4 millimeter thick steel sheet. There is a massive heating flap in the heating box, which allows the flue gas to be controlled. The direction of rotation can be selected. With four different positions for the flue gas inlet and outlet, flexible connection options are possible. Due to the 8 mm square shaft, the heating box is suitable for all common handles and flexible shafts. The Schmid heating box comes with additional cast iron inlet and outlet sockets in the diameters 145 mm, 160 mm and 180 mm. The Schmid heating box is available for post-heating boxes of the HGZ F1, F2 and K1 series as well as for NHK G including the corresponding adapter for ceramic post-heating register.

The external lighting

With this accessory, which is available for all heating inserts of the professional series, you can easily fill the tiled stove system, for example, from the hallway.

The external lighting is available in the variants "Classic" with a cast iron door, "Steel" and "Stone" (without viewing window) with a door made of sheet steel.

Schmid basic stoves "Lina GO" and "Ekko GO" with external lighting

A basic stove stands for long-lasting heat, efficient heating output, a pleasant indoor climate through heat radiation and for efficient fuel utilization. And if you have the wish to stoke your basic stove from the hallway, the kitchen or another side room, you will find it here. In the living room you can enjoy the pure fire view exclusively. As an option, the basic stoves "Lina GO" and "Ekko GO" will be available from March with additional external firing with fireclay filling. You can choose between a left or right door hinge.

Clever: The positioning of the external lighting is also freely selectable and can be individually adjusted in advance when ordering.

The tubular door

An ideal solution for everyone who wants to have it cozy and warm right from the start. The tubular door acts as an air grille through which the warm air can flow directly into the room. Available in different versions and always matching the look of the respective heating insert.