Heating insert Change

Wonderfully changeable.
You get this heating insert in 2 versions as wood fire or grate firing.
With the Change series, we offer you a basic model with interchangeable front panels (3 sizes, easily attachable) in the color choices anthracite and gray. The large glass door is available printed in black (white on request).

Model: Change HB Change RF
Front panel: 390 x 790 mm 390 x 790 mm
  420 x 790 mm 420 x 790 mm
  480 x 820 mm 480 x 820 mm
body: 325 x 710 x 490 mm 325 x 710 x 490 mm
Type: Door hinge left optionally right, self-closing Door hinge left optionally right, self-closing
Power: 8 kW 8 kW





Wood fire


1. BImSchV
Level 2

to (EU)


air connector
(only wood fire)


(only wood fire)

Multiple glazing

The multiple glazing ensures approx. 30% less heat emission via the glass pane, higher combustion chamber temperatures and clean panes over a longer period of time.

inner lining

Our heating inserts are equipped with solid fireclay bricks which are placed in the device dry, without walling in.

stove body

The furnace body consists of high-temperature resistant furnace casting. This material has proven itself over decades.

Technical data

  Change HB Change RF
Nominal heat output including NHK 8 kW 8 kW
Output range 3,9-8,4 kW 3,1-8,1 kW
Efficiency > 80% > 80%
Insulation thickness (if the wall is not to be protected) (based on SILCA® 250KM) 60 mm 60 mm
Combustion air inlet Ø 125 etc. Ø 125 etc.
Max. firewood length ? cm ? cm
Weight including chamotte 140 kg 140 kg
Heat emission: through the lens 20 % 20 %
Heat emission: convective power 80 % 80 %

Data for chimney sweep according to DIN EN 13384 (closed)

Triple of values ​​at NWL
  Change HB Change RF
Exhaust gas mass flow 7,8 g / s 6,0 g / s
Exhaust gas temperature behind the additional button 290 ° C 270 ° C
required delivery pressure 12 Pa 12 Pa
Triplet of values ​​for the calculation of the ceramic trains (fuel: wood)
  Change HB Change RF
firing 12,8 kW 12,5 kW
Exhaust gas mass flow 17,1 g / s 16,7 g / s
Exhaust gas temperature before the post button 533 ° C 520 ° C
required delivery pressure 15 Pa 15 Pa
Combustion air requirement 47,3 m³ / h 39,8 m³ / h