Heating inserts from Schmid & Olsberg - optimize your tiled stove

Kiln plant with efficient combustion. Our devices are characterized by a particularly low pollutant burn, which more than meets the legal guidelines.

The very high heating gas temperatures make it possible to supplement your tiled stove with large heat stores or with a system for warm air distribution. For example, you get a pleasantly warm stove bench. To make the connection from the body to the heating insert elegant, our built-in frames offer an optimal solution. Many of our heating inserts can also be used as replacement devices so that an older tiled stove is fit for the future.

The regulation of a tiled stove system is simplified by the SMR Schmid multi control. In addition to the erosion, it can also be used to control other building technology components.

Advantages of a heating insert:

  • Heat storage and hot air distributor as a supplement
  • low-pollution combustion
  • Built-in frames as an elegant transition
  • Many uses compatible with the SMR Schmid Multi control 
  • High quality - made in Germany
  • Large variety of models
  • Large selection of exchange devices according to the 2nd level BImSchV