Wood heaters are environmentally friendly

Wood is energy that grows continuously and can be used in the cycle of nature without any disadvantages for the environment. In contrast to fossil fuels, wood can be described as CO2 neutral. This means that burning wood releases exactly the same amount of CO2 as the tree previously absorbed when growing.

However, there are a few points to consider when burning this biomass: For example, all types of wood should be protected against moisture for 2-3 years before being used in the tiled stove and should be well ventilated. This guarantees that the legally prescribed limit of 25% moisture content is not reached. Otherwise, if the wood is too wet or dry, unnecessary emissions will be produced during combustion. For low emissions and clean burning, we recommend a maximum residual moisture of 15%.

The quantity of combustion air is a prerequisite for good combustion of wood. Therefore, an excess of air should always be given for good combustion. We explain in detail how to properly heat with wood in our brochure and in the film “The 1x1 of Firing”.

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