Schmid basic oven doors

In contrast to a warm air tiled stove, in a basic stove all components of the system are handcrafted with storage material. The firebox itself is closed with a basic oven door (GOT for short).

On the outside, our basic oven doors are similar to the simple design of our fireplace and heating inserts. Technically, they not only close the combustion chamber, but also ensure that the combustion air is supplied and, if necessary, regulated.

In addition to an extensive range of basic oven doors, we also manufacture basic oven doors according to your wishes. Your tiled stove and air heating engineer will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Technical data


door width

door height

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Basic oven door small (GOT)

380 mm

480 mm

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Large basic oven door (GOT)

490 mm505 mmDownload data sheet

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