Basic oven Lina GO 67

Front: open on one side, crystal
Front Width: 670 mm
Front Height: 450 or 570 mm
Body depth: Lina GO 6745: 531mm, Lina GO TV 6745: 691mm
  Lina GO 6757: 531mm, Lina GO TV 6757: 692mm
Type: swiveling
Fuel Quantity: 4 - 12 kg


Front crystal



Wood fire

1. BImSchV
Level 2






air connector

outdoor areas
(except TV)

tunnel version

ceiling trains


The "crystal" front finish is standard with us. With this version, you receive your basic stove with a disc printed on 4 sides - this gives your fireplace an elegant and modern look.

Furnace Stone

We use so-called fireclay bricks in our modern basic stoves. The plastically pressed firebox stones with tongue and groove have a thickness of 89 mm and are characterized by a particularly high fire resistance. Strictly speaking, it is a pressed stone made of alumina, aluminum oxide and other components. You can recognize the high quality of our fireclay bricks by the heat resistance of up to 1300 ° C. The heat absorbed by the stone then spreads throughout the room using pleasant and beneficial heat radiation for 12 hours and more.

Technical data

  Linea GO 6745 Linea GO 6757
Amount of fuel min. 4,0 kg 4,0 kg
Max. Amount of fuel 12,0 kg 12,0 kg
Efficiency > 80% > 80%
Rec. firewood length ? cm ? cm
Weight (firebox) 221kg, TV: 241kg 242kg, TV: 254kg
Weight (ceiling pull small) 103 kg 103 kg
Weight (large ceiling pull) 335 kg 302 kg

Data for chimney sweep according to DIN EN 13384 (closed)

Ceramic trains in storage
  Linea GO 6745 Linea GO 6757
Exhaust gas mass flow approx. 19 g / s approx. 20 g / s
Exhaust gas temperature at burnout 600 ° C 600 ° C
delivery pressure 12 Pa 12 Pa
Triple triples with ceiling pull large
  Linea GO 6745 Linea GO 6757
train length approx. 5,5 m approx. 5,5 m
Exhaust gas mass flow approx. 27,4 g / s approx. 27,4 g / s
Chimney inlet temperature 258 ° C, TV: 275 ° C 263 ° C, TV: 261 ° C
delivery pressure 12 Pa 12 Pa