Basic oven Ekko GO 45 (45) 57

Flexible and efficient
In addition to the Ronda GO 4557, which has been available since last year, there are now three additional fireboxes: Lina GO 4557, Lina GO TV 4557 and Ekko GO 45 (45) 57, thus rounding off the basic range of small fireboxes. Despite the compact dimensions, they offer a large swing door with a height of 57 cm, a printed glass ceramic and Smart Lock system.

The firebox lining can be easily replaced via the firebox opening. They also have a combustion air nozzle of Ø 125 mm and are suitable for operation with the SMR combustion control. Rotary cables for wall or ceiling connections are available as accessories.

Fuel Quantity: 3 - 7,5 kg
Front: open on both sides, crystal
Type: swiveling, with SLS locking, self-closing
Front Width: 450 mm
Side panel depth: 450 mm
Body depth: 557 mm


Front crystal



Wood fire

air connector

1. BImSchV
Level 2




ceiling trains


The "crystal" front finish is standard with us. With this version, you receive your basic stove with a disc printed on 4 sides - this gives your fireplace an elegant and modern look.

"Premium White"

The combustion chamber is lined with innovative chamotte in "premium white" or "anthracite" - on the side with strip chamotte, in the lower area with solid floor stones with a thickness of up to 60 mm. The latest class of chamotte is also particularly hard-wearing thanks to its higher density. And thanks to the less beige color, the basic stoves can be integrated even better into different living styles.

Technical data

Amount of fuel min. 3 kg
Max. Amount of fuel 7,5 kg
Efficiency > 80%
Rec. firewood length ? cm
Weight 245 kg
Weight (with twist pull wall and ceiling connection) 420 kg

Data for chimney sweep according to DIN EN 13384 (closed)

Ceramic trains in storage
Exhaust gas mass flow 20,3 g / s
Exhaust gas temperature at burnout 429 ° C
delivery pressure 12 Pa
Triplet of values ​​with rotary train
Exhaust gas mass flow 14,4 g / s
Exhaust gas temperature at burnout 187 ° C
delivery pressure 12 Pa