The basic stove - old craft tradition meets modern combustion technology

Traditional yet modern heating: it is possible with a basic stove. It is characteristic of this type of tiled stove that the logs are burned directly on the bottom of the stove - hence its name.

Most basic stoves have a large fireclay mass so that a lot of heat can be stored. Gradually, it is then released into the room as radiant heat. That means pure comfort for hours! That is why basic stoves are also suitable as permanent heating.
The exact design, execution and choice of material is made individually according to your wishes in cooperation with the specialist of your choice!

Advantages of a basic oven:

  • cozy radiant heat
  • long-lasting heat storage
  • uniform heat emission over hours
  • no overheating of the installation room
  • High efficiency
  • economical in firewood consumption
  • low emissions
  • stable and durable
  • free design options
  • Free choice of material
  • big visor